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About 5 minutes by car from Hirugano Kogen, Smart Interchange (ETC only)

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Gifu Prefecture Gujo City Takasu Town Washimi 2363-395

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Tokai Hokuriku Highway Hiruganokogen SA Smart IC approximately 7 minutes from Tokai Hokuriku Highway Hiruganokogen SA Smart IC
  • When using a car

    Guests coming from the Nagoya / Osaka area, please proceed from the Meishin Expressway · Ichinomiya JCT to Tokai-Hokuriku Expressway.
    When you use "Hirugano Smart Interchange (ETC only)" opened in 2007, it became familiar with about 5 minutes.You can also access from the Takasu interchange about 20 minutes.

    【Free Parking】
    We have a parking lot for 13 large buses and 45 cars.It is free of charge.Please be forewarned as it is in order of arrival.

  • When using a train

    JR Mino-Ota Station, change to the Nagaragawa Railway (bound for Hokuno) and get off at Mino-Shirotori Station.30 minutes by taxi from Mino-Shirotori Station.
    ※Mino-Ota - Mino-Shirotori:It takes about 1 hour 50 minutes.
     Since the number of trains is small, please come and check the time in advance.