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Facility Information

Hotel & leisure facilities that shine clearly naturally

We are preparing various facilities so that we can learn through nature, play and grow together.

Hotel Facility Information

  • Main building 1st floor lobby
    The lobby is a relaxing space full of soft light.We will welcome you with casual passionate interior and careful attention.
  • Main building 1st floor cafe corner
    We are preparing coffee etc.
    Business hours 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Main building 1F, Shop corner
    A shop corner that gathers Hida · Gujo products.The local pickles corner and the Aomori Corner group hotels are also popular.

    ■Business period 8:00 am to 8:00 pm
  • Main building 1F, Vending machine·Coin laundry
    We sell beer, chuhai, highball, and soft drinks.
    A coin launderette is also available.
  • Salon / meeting room

    The halls and conference rooms, which are indispensable for training camps and school excursions, respond to the needs of various customers, including the layout of desks and chairs, so that they can be used widely.Please use it according to the number of people including meeting room, recreation, banquet etc.

    Big Hall[520 people capacity]
    Meeting room[50 people capacity]
    Small conference room[Accommodates 20 people]

    ※The photo can be divided into up to 8 partitions

Information on off-site facilities

  • Wood Adventure Gujo is open for business!

    Adventure forest unfolding 8m above the ground. It is adventurous that is tested.
    Experience with parents and children! Thrilling aerial athletic!
    Experience this fun once!
    ※Guests receive discounts

    ◆Business period: April 22, 2023 (Saturday) - November 5, 2023(Sunday)
    ◆Opening Hours, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
    ◆Reception time, 8:30 am to 4:00 pm
    ◆Closed Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays(However, there are no holidays during the Golden Week and summer vacation period.)
    ※In the case of a group (20 people or more), please consult us.

    ◆Charge (tax included)
    Adults 2,700 yen Junior and senior high school students 2,200 yen Elementary school students 1,700 yen
    Family ticket
    1 adult + 1 middle school student 4,500 yen 1 adult + 1 elementary school student 4,000 yen

    ※Target age, 3rd grade or older, and 110cm tall.
    ※There is also a common ticket with a huge maze.
    ※Although it operates in the rain due to the smart belay system supervised by PA Japan, it may be canceled without notice in the event of a thunderstorm or storm.
    Infection prevention measures at this facility are
    1,Reduction of the number of visitors per day 220 people (about 75 groups) → 175 people(About 50 pairs)
     Implementation of start with an interval of about 10 minutes per group
    2,Thorough sterilization indoors and outdoors
    3,Staff health check,Wearing mask gloves
    Four,Thorough sterilization of worn equipment
    5, please wear your mask
    From the perspective of an outdoor exercise facility that exercises in the open nature, the Athletic / Giant Maze will operate normally after thorough infection prevention measures.However, in order to avoid crowding of customers, reservations are required.

    We accept advance reservations (telephone reservation or homepage).
    There may be vacancies on the day, so please contact us in advance and visit us.
  • Gujo Kogen Giant Maze Now Open!

    A huge maze of 1,200 square meters, the largest in the prefecture, appears next to Wood Adventure Gujo!
    Use your head and body to capture a huge maze!
    Aim at the goal by pressing stamps at 4 checkpoints!
    Can you escape?

    ◆Business period: April 22, 2023 (Saturday) - October 29, 2023(Sunday)
    ◆Opening Hours, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
    ◆Reception time, 8:30 am to 4:00 pm
    ◆Closed Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays(However, there are no holidays during the Golden Week and summer vacation period.)
    ※In the case of a group (20 people or more), please consult us.

    ◆Charge (tax included)
    Adults 900 yen Junior high and high school students 700 yen Elementary school students 600 yen
    Infant free (however, parents are accompanied)
    Family ticket
    1 adult + 1 junior high and high school student 1,400 yen 1 adult + 1 elementary school student 1,300 yen
    Infection prevention measures at this facility are
    1. Decrease in the number of visitors. Start at 15-minute intervals.
    2, please wear your mask
    3. Please do not move in the maze as a group.
    Four,Sterilization of stamp

    The start and finish will be at the hotel front desk
    Although it is not a reservation system, please understand that depending on the time you come, you may have to wait a while for the start.
  • Gujo Vacance Village Ground Golf Course(Reservation required.)

    Authentic natural grass ground and golf course

    ◆Business period: Early May to October 29, 2023(Sunday)
    ◆Opening hours AM 8: 30 to PM 4: 00
    ◆Charge (tax included)
     1 person, 700 yen
    ◆Closed Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays(Excluding GW / summer vacation period)
    ※Rental of clubs and balls with rental available(300 yen)
    ※There is also an advantageous accommodation pack with a free shuttle bus. (20 or more people)
    ◆Limited to Weekdays:1 night, 2 meals + 2 lunches + play fee + prizes 14,500 yen(tax included)

    ※Advance reservation is required.
     For inquiries such as reservations and accommodation packs
     GUJYO VACANCE MURA HOTEL 0575-73-2206 Please contact

    About ground golf···
    Sports that can be done without advanced technology.
    Ground golf skills are improved by training, just like any other sport. However, advanced technology is not necessarily required to enjoy the game. Everyone from children to the elderly can play happily. Therefore, ground golf is a sport that has all the conditions to enjoy as a family sport.
  • Natural grass ground(Only available with overnight stays)

    Various sports camps (soccer, American football, lacrosse, rugby, etc.)
    Natural grass general ground that can be used for events (10,000㎡)
    ※About 5km away from the hotel

    Period early July to late September

    ◆Charge(Accompanied by an overnight stay)
    Half day 11,000 yen(tax included)
    16,500 yen a day(tax included)
  • Gujo Vacance Village, BBQ Garden

    Outdoor barbecue garden at GUJYO VACANCE MURA HOTEL.
    Please enjoy yourself in the starry sky full of delicious air.

    ◆Business period Saturday, July 1, 2023 to September 17(Sunday)
  • Gujyo Vacance Mura Ski Area ★Scheduled to open from 2023.12.23 to 2024.3.10★

    Gujyo Vacance Mura Ski Area 
    It is the snow slopes of our hotel.Average slope 11 degrees, Elementary level up to 18 degrees·Ski resort for intermediate level.With full snow machine, we plan to run all the way from late December to mid-March. (2 pair lifts and 300 rental skis.Rental snowboard 50 sets)
    A perfect slope for beginners and families!
    Because it is almost only used by guests, it is a secret slope.

    First pair A line, 500 m, Second pair B line, 500 m
    Taimatsu Course, Tree A course, Tree B course
    【Parking】 80 units (Free)
    【Opening Hours】 Weekdays·Holidays, 8:30 am to 4:00 pm
Lift fee(2023-2024 fees)Adult 1-day ticket 3,500 yen
Child 1-day ticket 2,000 yen
Silver 1-day ticket 3,000 yen(55 years old and over)
11th ticket 3,000 yen
6th ticket 1,800 yen
One ticket 300 yen
Rental fee(2023-2024 fees)■Ski set 1 day
 Adult 3,500 yen Child 2,500 yen
■Wear one day
 Adult 3,500 yen Child 2,500 yen
■Snowboard set 1 day
 Adult 3,500 yen Child 2,500 yen

※In addition, we rent knit hats, gloves, goggles, helmets and sleds.
Gujo Kogen Ski School(2023-2024 fees)Elementary school-aged children:Ski school half day (120 minutes) 5,000 yen
Child:Ski school half day (90 minutes) 5,000 yen
  ※4 years old and older - preschoolers

Elementary school-aged children:Board school half day (120 minutes) 5,000 yen

Course start time, Morning part, From 10:00
       Afternoon session from 1:30
※Final reception is 30 minutes before the start
※Please check by phone as it may not open on weekdays

Information on facilities in facilities

  • ◆Check in Check out
    15:00 (Last 21:30)~/~10:00
    If your check-in is after 19:00 due to food preparation, please be sure to contact us.
    ◆In-house facilities
    Men's and women's public baths, "open-air bath: currently closed", shop,Coffee,Vending machine corner,Laundromat,Meeting room,Small conference room,Big Hall,Restaurant Hall,Rental ski,Rental snowboard,Rental wear,Ski drying room,【Karaoke Box:Currently dormant】
    ◆Outdoor equipment
    Gujyo Vacance Mura Ski Area,BBQ Garden,Hiking course,Natural grass ground,Giant Maze,Wood adventure,Ground golf course,Rice bowl,Experience learning building(9 classes),Fishing pond,Campfire ground,Multipurpose open space
    (Number of rooms)
    【69 rooms】
    ·Western-style Room, 3 rooms
    ·Japanese-style room(21 square meters)With unit bath, 60 rooms
    ·Japanese + Western room (Japanese room 15 sqm + twin room) 6 rooms with bath and toilet
    ◆Guest Room Equipment
    Face towel / bath towel, Toothbrush, yukata, tv set(Free) phone, kettle, Tea set
    ※If you need a razor, hair dryer, or humidifier, we have them available at the front desk.
    ◆Meal place
    Breakfast:Restaurant Hall
    Dinner:Restaurant Hall
    ◆payment method
    Payment by cash, credit card or electronic payment at check-out
    ◆Available credit card
    JCB / Visa / AMEX / UC / DC
    ◆Available electronic payment
    paypay, aupay, d payment, Merpay, nanaco, waon, Redy, transportation IC
    ◆cancellation policy
    No nights·· · ··100% of the accommodation fee
    On the day of arrival・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・80% of room rate
    13 days ago to the day before・ ・ ・30% of room charge
    13 large buses/50 passenger cars