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  2. Seasonal cuisine of the seasonal area

Seasonal cuisine of the seasonal area

We have prepared a heart of hospitality to such a luxurious moment that you can taste the dishes with a very warm feeling.We do not decorate the seasonal ingredients that received blessings from nature, we carefully make a dish one item per item.

Change real luxury to taste and gatherings.

  • Kaiseki Meal

    Yamanoyuki, a cuisine cuisine with plenty of seafood.Enjoy a menu menu of GUJYO VACANCE MURA HOTEL with seasonal colors such as healthy special pro-testan beef, vegetables and wild vegetables using local ingredients, Iwana, Miso saucepans and dairy products of the Hirugano Kogen.
  • Healthy, special pro-testan beef

    Meat you enjoy in Sukiyaki is "special pro-testan beef".

    special pro-testan beef is a cow that grew up by eating the excellent lactobacillus health food "FK - 23 bacterium" which got five patents everyday during the fattening period for 6 months.

    Please enjoy the taste of beef that you have never seen before.

    ※We will receive alternative meat separately at a fee.
  • Seasonal cuisine of seasonal area, example menu

    【aperitif】Shimokita wine
    "First stop", Nameko Tofu
    "Appetizer", Tara cod roe wrapper, Yuri Kurihiro
    【Building】eel, squid, A collection of shrimp treats
    【pottery】Iwana Wakasa Yakinaki or Ayu Salt-grill
    【Fried food】Crab almond, salt·Vinegar
    【One blast furnace】Healthy pork pot※Taste group miso
    【Two blast furnaces】Hida Beef noodle
    【Steamed food】Savory egg custard
    【Vinegared dish】Ayu abacus, Kinshi wound, fragrant things 3 tips
    【rice】White rice

    ※There is a case where the contents are changed somewhat in the purchase of the day.
  • Wine-baked Shabu-shabu cuisine, Example menu

    【Appetizer】Three goods
    【Building】(An example)tuna, squid, shrimp
    【Vinegared dish】Pickled sweetfish of afu
    【Stopper bowl】It's red
    【Pickled Vegetables】Three goods
    【rice】White rice
    【Dessert】(An example)Annin tofu
    【Wine-baked shabu-shabu】
    Chinese cabbage, White onion, Mizuna, Enoki, Ruckus, Shiitake, carrot, tofu
    Grilled vegetables - onion, potato, green pepper, eggplant
    Healthy pork loin meat -200 g
    * Sesame seed, * ponzu, * grilled meat sauce

    ※There is a case where the contents are changed somewhat in the purchase of the day.