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Information on cooking

We have prepared a heart of hospitality to such a luxurious moment that you can taste the dishes with a very warm feeling.We do not decorate the seasonal ingredients that received blessings from nature, we carefully make a dish one item per item.

Change real luxury to taste and gatherings.

  • Kaiseki Meal

    Yamanoyuki, a cuisine cuisine with plenty of seafood.

    Enjoy the menu dishes of the GUJYO VACANCE MURA HOTEL with seasonal colors such as healthy Protesun Beef, vegetables and wild vegetables using local ingredients, Protesun Beef, local miso hot pot, and dairy products from Hirugano Kogen.
  • Healthy, Protesun Beef

    The meat you will eat at Sukiyaki is “Protesun Beef”.

    Protesun Beef is a cattle raised by eating five lactic acid bacteria health foods called “FK-23 strain”, which have acquired five patents, every day during the fattening period.

    Please enjoy the taste of beef that you have never seen before.

    ※We will receive alternative meat separately at a fee.
  • Seasonal cuisine of seasonal area, example menu

    【Advance】Sesame tofu
    【Appetizer】Tara cod roe wrapper, Yuri Kurihiro
    【Building】eel, squid, A collection of shrimp treats
    【pottery】Grilled char or salted salmon
    【Fried food】Shrimp tempura·Vegetable heaven, ※Tentsuyu
    【One blast furnace】Buono pork wine shabu-shabu
    【Two blast furnaces】Class B gourmet chicken-chan steamed
    【Steamed food】Savory egg custard
    【Vinegared dish】鮎 Abacus, tinsel roll,
    【Pickled Vegetables】Three points
    【rice】White rice
    【Dessert】Hirugano milk apricot tofu

    ※There is a case where the contents are changed somewhat in the purchase of the day.
  • Buono pork grilled shabu-shabu meat all-you-can-eat, Example menu

    【Appetizer】Three goods
    【Building】(An example)tuna, squid, shrimp
    【Vinegared dish】Pickled sweetfish of afu
    【Stopper bowl】Akadashi (red-miso soup)
    【Pickled Vegetables】Three goods
    【rice】White rice
    【Dessert】(An example)Annin tofu
    【Buono pork grilled shabu-shabu】
    Chinese cabbage, White onion, Mizuna, Enoki, Ruckus, Shiitake, carrot, tofu
    Grilled vegetables - onion, potato, green pepper, eggplant
    Buono pork meat-200g
    * Sesame seed, * ponzu, * grilled meat sauce

    ※There is a case where the contents are changed somewhat in the purchase of the day.