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To school officials

Forest dormitory・ ・Ski training / school trip summary

The size of nature is here, not to tell in the city.

  • Our hotel is surrounded by the nature of Hirugano Kogen, which extends around Hakusan National Park. We propose a plan that allows you to enjoy nature on your study trips at elementary, junior high, high school, and circles. .
    There are various facilities such as barbecue and craft house, and you can experience nature learning.

Natural Grass Ground

  • Tokai the middle of Tokai and Hokuriku, a hotel-owned natural turf ground at Gifu Kogen Resort in Gifu Kogen Resort!
    Natural grass ground spreading on the Hirugano Kogen at 1,000 m above sea level (exclusive use).The J League standard court on the 10,000 m2 site!
    Please use it for sports camps such as soccer, lacrosse, ultimate, and American football, athletic meet, outdoor recreation, and camp on the refreshing plateau.
    ※One side or 3 junior courts possible.

    1.It is very convenient for practical matches such as football.
    2.It can be used for school events and recreation.

Winter Season, |, Winter season

  • Everyone cheers and is a "white classroom" full of smiles.

    Takasu Town Hirugano Kogen is located in the northern part of Gujo City called the Okumino Region in the northwest part of Gifu Prefecture. In winter, more than 1 million skier and border visitors visit Gifu Prefecture, the best winter sports mecca and It is getting.
    It is a heavy snowy area where over 1 meter of snow may accumulate overnight, so you can learn this snowy mountain experience alone in this neighborhood such as snow quality and snow cover.
  • About wearing a helmet

    In order to improve safety, we are promoting the wearing of helmets during ski classes.
    Snow sports is a very fun sport, but it also involves danger.

    By wearing a helmet you can expect a safer and more enjoyable lecture.
    Please consider introducing a helmet on this occasion.

Ski school

  • Somehow, cheers are going well here.
    Is it due to shining bright passer snow?
    Is it because of the vast and gentle slopes?
    This is a "white classroom" full of smiles.

    It is a ski slope for beginners to intermediate people with an average slope of 10 degrees and a maximum of 18 degrees.
  • Hakusan Mountain Range vast scenery with the Hakusan Mountain Range in front and the slopes of 1,050 meters above sea level are always good for snow. In such an environment, a ski school is held by SAJ instructors. The certainty of the lesson for beginners comes with origami.

    2 pair lift, complete with rental skiing.We also have a practice slope for beginners who can also do walking training and athletic meet on snow.

Ski training camp!

  • Gujo Kogen Ski School

    ■A slope·Ballroom use
    First day:Ski school Afternoon department 2 hours
    Grade recreation, Ballroom use
    the 2nd day:Ski school morning part 2 hours

Information on Craft / Indoor Experience Events

  • Udon noodle experience

    ■Time required ... 2 hours
    ■Price ... Accompanied by accommodation:600 yen (excluding tax) day trip:1,000 yen (tax excluded)
    Knead the flour in cooperation with 5 to 6 people in one group,
    You can experience everything from stepping on it with your feet to making it chewy, rolling it with a rolling pin, and boiling it.
  • Fan making

    ■Time required ... 2 hours
    ■Price ... Accompanied by accommodation:800 JPY(tax excluded) Day Trip:1,000 JPY(tax excluded)
    Using washi for bamboo framework Making flowers and leaves inserts into works of art.
  • Painting of bake board

    ■Time required ... 2 hours
    ■Price ... Accompanied by accommodation:600 JPY(tax excluded) Day Trip:1,000 JPY(tax excluded)
    Shine cedar board, wall hanging etc. After polishing with cowpea, please paint with paint.
  • Bamboo dragonfly making training

    ■Time required ... 2 hours
    ■Price ... Accompanied by accommodation:700 JPY(tax excluded) Day Trip:1,000 JPY(tax excluded)
    Production of Bamboo dragonfly.The distance by which the axis and feathers will fly will change.
  • Indigo dye·Plant dyeing

    ■Time required ... 2 hours
    ■Price ... Accompanied by accommodation:900 yen(tax excluded) Day Trip:1,000 JPY(tax excluded)
    Depending on how the handkerchief dye / indigo dye is pickled, various patterns can be drawn.

Information on craft outdoor experience events

  • orienteering(Conquer nature:Nature field)

    ■Time required ... 90 to 120 minutes
    ■Price ... Accompanied by accommodation:300 JPY(tax excluded) Day Trip:500 JPY(tax excluded)
    I will go around each checkpoint relying on the map.At first, the adventure begins through the naturally formed "wooden gate".On the way, there is a spot where you can overlook the "Nagara River headwaters" and "Hakusan mountain range", and there is a surprise from nature.If you conquer all the points, you will notice a sense of accomplishment and the majesty of nature.
  • Rice cooked rice

    ■Time required ... 3 hours
    ■Price ... Accompanied by accommodation:1,500 JPY(tax excluded)
    Under the natural blue sky, a group of 5 to 8 people collaborate,
    You can cultivate team strength and cooperation.
    It is a learning that you can naturally interact with each other by deciding the division and making curry that starts from the day.
  • campfire

    ■Time required ... 1 hour and 30 minutes
    ■Price ... 35,000 yen (tax excluded)
    A flame that burns in the dark.Participants will deepen their interaction and friendship, creating an unforgettable and enjoyable time.(With torch)
  • Grab a fish

    ■Time required ... 45 minutes
    ■Price ... 800 yen (tax excluded)
    Experience the fun and catching fish together in the cold water even in the summer
    Please grab the fish at the barbecue.One by one
  • test of courage

    ■Time required ... Half an hour
    ■Price ... 200 yen(tax excluded)
    Please do a stroll through the pitch in summer nights.course the end of the course at the end ... Well what exactly is there ....
  • Mt Dainichi climbing Mt Dainichi

    ■Time required ... 5 hours
    ■Price ... 50,000 yen(tax excluded)
    Aiming to include climbing guide fee is the summit! There is no doubt that it will be Climbers High!
  • Candle service

    ■Time required ... 2 hours
    ■Price ... 150 yen (tax excluded)
    We will prepare a candle / table.It is indoor type.Please enjoy sacred rituals praying for the god of fire.

Guidance on the events of the Olympic Experience

  • Local performing arts·Japanese drum

    ■Time required ... 2 hours
    ■Price ... 70,000 yen(tax excluded)
    After a demonstration / practice (only at night), learn the Shirotori Mochitsuki Taiko.
  • Local performing arts·Gujyo dance

    ■Time required ... 60 to 90 minutes
    ■Price ... 90,000 yen(tax excluded)

    Please enjoy the demonstration and training of Gujyo dance of Japan's three major folk song

Various experiential learning plan schedule example

Information on various group plan

To a sports camp!

  • ■Price ... 1 Night/ 2 Meals:8,500 yen(tax excluded)

    Use the natural turf ground for all-day sports!

    ※There is also a public gymnasium within a 30-minute to one-hour drive.We will make a reservation for you.
    ※There are 6 public tennis courts within a 30-minute drive.We will make a reservation for you.
    ※There is also a public artificial grass ground within a 20 to 30 minute drive.

To the forest training camp!

  • ■Price ... 1 Night/ 2 Meals:From 8,000 yen (excluding tax)

    In nature, there are things that can only be experienced here.
    You can study while feeling the nature by cutting off the five senses.
    "Teachers" are various natures that cannot be experienced in the city.

Study camp!

  • ■Price ... 1 Night/ 2 Meals:From 8,000 yen (excluding tax)

    We prepare various venues such as a large hall, a medium conference room, a craft house and so on.
    School style large hall, maximum 360 people
    School format Medium conference room Maximum 70 people
    School-style small meeting room Maximum 25 people
    School format Craft Maximum 30 people etc.

For a school trip!

  • ■Price ... 1 Night/ 2 Meals:From 8,500 yen (excluding tax)

    Please visit sightseeing spots and experience various craft experiences!
    Water and dance town:Gujohachiman
    Small Kyoto:Hida, Takayama
    World Heritage:Approximately 1 hour to Shirakawa-go's classic tourist spot
    About 1 hour 30 minutes to Kanazawa / Toyama
    Also,Athletic 8m above ground:Wood Adventure Gujo
    Full of playgrounds such as the largest Giant Maze prefecture
    Popular facilities such as rafting, shower climbing and caving are within 30 minutes to 1 hour

To a company workshop!

  • ■Price ... 1 Night/ 2 Meals:From 10,000 yen (excluding tax)

    We prepare various training venues.
    Saloon with stage(250 people):Partitions up to 8 divisions
    In addition, there is also a meeting room (50 people) and a small meeting room (20 people)
    There are 8 log houses, which can also be used for various experiences and training