Enhanced activity! Hirugano Smart IC ~ 5 minutes


Enjoy wrapped in green and have a relaxation moment.

The hotel is situated in the Gujo Kogen, which is beautifully colored in the four seasons with an altitude of 1,200 m, and the powerful Hakusan Mountain Range spreads in front of us.Spring and summer enjoy the leisure facilities with beautiful flowers blooming in the plateau and you can enjoy skiing in the snow full of winter.

We laid out hotels, restaurants, and sports and leisure facilities in a large natural environment on the vast grounds surrounded by greenery.Unleashed from the busy everyday life, she holds herself in beautiful nature and quiet time.A new hotel resort will start with a soft natural breath.

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Gifu Prefecture Gujo City Takasu Town Washimi 2363-395

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Tokai Hokuriku Highway Hiruganokogen SA Smart IC approximately 7 minutes from Tokai Hokuriku Highway Hiruganokogen SA Smart IC
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Facility Information

  • Lobby & Entrance

    The lobby is a relaxing space full of soft light.We will welcome you with casual passionate interior and careful attention.
  • Gujyo Vacance Mura Ski Area

    It is the snow slopes of our hotel.Average slope 11 degrees, Elementary level up to 18 degrees·Ski resort for intermediate level.It is planned to go full-scale from early December to mid-March with a snow machine.(2 pair lift·Rental ski 300 set)
  • DG Vacance Mura, Wood Adventure Gujyo

    Athletic facility opened in April 2014
    To the forest of adventure.Let's go for an aerial walk 8 meters above the ground!

For those concerned with school (1)

  • Natural Grass Ground

    In the middle of Tokai and Hokuriku, natural turf ground for exclusive use of a hotel in the Gifu Kogen Resort!
    Natural grass ground spreading on the Hirugano Kogen at 1,000 m above sea level (exclusive use).In the premises of 10,000 m 2, the J League Standard Court!
    Please use it for sports camps such as football, lacrosse, american football, racby, athletic meet, outdoor recreation, camps in the refreshing plateau.
    ※One side or 3 junior courts possible.
  • Ski school

    It is a ski slope for beginners to intermediate people with an average slope of 10 degrees and a maximum of 18 degrees.

    Hakusan Mountain Range vast landscape wishing the Hakusan Mountain Range in the front, the slopes of 1,050 meters above sea level is always good snow quality.In such an environment, we held a ski school with instructors belonging to SAJ.The certainty of the lesson for beginners comes with origami.

    2 pair lift, complete with rental skiing.We also have a practice ski slope for beginners who can also perform walking training and snowmobile athletic meetings.
  • Information on craft indoor experiences

    ·Indigo dye·Plant dyeing

    ·Painting of bake board

    ·Bamboo work practice

    ·Fan making

    ·Udon noodle experience

For those concerned with schools (2)

  • Information on craft outdoor experience events



    ·Rice cooker

    ·test of courage

    ·Mt Dainichi climbing Mt Dainichi

    ·Grab a fish
  • Guidance on the events of the Olympic Experience

    ·Candle service

    ·Local performing arts·Japanese drum

    ·Local performing arts·Gujyo dance

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