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  • Approximately 60 minutes to popular sightseeing spots in Gifu!

    Popular Gifu attractions, Shirakawa-go·Hida, Takayama, Gujohachiman.
    Both are within a 60-minute drive from our hotel.Please extend your feet and enjoy.
    • Takayama festival spring·Furukawa Festival, April 14·15th day

      Festival famous for magnificent events, such as "moving Yomei-mon Gate", festival stalls and ceremonies, Karakuri dedication etc. are held.Both are designated as intangible folk cultural assets of the country / prefecture.
    • Shokawa Cherry Tree

      A mountain village rich in mountains, a large tree of cherry trees of 500 years old in Shokawa Town, Takayama City.It is famous for fulfilling the miraculous transplant where the destiny of submergence in dam construction was accomplished.Every year, flowering from late April to GW every year.It is crowded with stalls and light-ups around the corner.
    • Gujohachiman(Gujyo dance)

      Gujyo dance can be counted as one of the three biggest folk dances in Japan.Especially the August 16 to August 16 th Obon festival dancing is a famous festival filled with many people.
      Its become Gujohachiman the stage flourished under Gujo Hachiman Castle, history and dance of the city with fresh water enough to be selected to the best waters hundred election.How about taking a leisurely stroll in the city center where castle town remains.
    • Gujo Hachiman Castle

      Castle on the top of Mt Hachiman.Tenshi that was rebuilt in 1973 is imitated, imitating Ogaki Castle which has the same history now.Ishigaki leaves the old form almost, it blends into the green of the mountain.It is a spot where you can overlook the castle town of Gujo.
    • Shirakawa-Go Gassho-style house

      A community village nestling in a green mountain.Houses certified as UNESCO's World Cultural Heritage, with excellent functional and landscape architecture are preserved.It is a popular sightseeing spot where you can see a picture like a painting such as spring cherry blossoms and winter snow scenery around the year.
    • Hida, Takayama

      Takayama also called Hida's small Kyoto.The Takayama Festival held twice each year is too famous.On the street you can enjoy the atmosphere that saw a long time ago in a store that dealt with local specialties such as local sake and miso pasta, Hidatakayama's specialty items.
  • Flower features

    • Bokka-no-sato

      Bokka-no-sato of the Bokka-no-sato is accessible about 5 minutes from our hotel.
      A tropical resort that is dyed gorgeously with seasonal flowers, including spring tulips, summer lavender, autumn cosmos.You can feel athletic, move your body, play with sheep and goats, or try participating in handmade experiences.

      Jersey cattle milk products such as rich soft cream and freshly baked bread, gourmet such as barbecue is enriched.
      There is also a day-trip hot spring facility.Bokka-no-sato will be scheduled 4/19 OPNE
    • Bokka-no-sato, Opening time·Entry fee

      <<Opening time>>
      【Green season】
      10:00 to 17:00
      9: 00-17: 00
      ※From 11/4 to 11/24 from 10: 00 to 16: 30
      (Please understand that final ticket issue is 30 minutes before closing time.)

      【Winter Season】
      ●Saturdays, Sundays, holidays only from the beginning of December until the middle of March
      We plan to open at some facilities. AM 10: 00 to PM 3: 30

      <<Entry fee>>
      Adult ¥ 1,100
      During ~·High school student 900 yen
      4 years old and over Elementary school student 600 yen
    • Kokia Park

      You can enjoy seasonal flowers such as water basho and wild vegetables in spring and 30,000 Kokia from summer to autumn.Please spend a pleasant moment with your dog at the Pet Free Square.We also established a pet walking path!

      TEL 0575-73-2311
      Opening period 4/29 to 5/10, 5/14 to 6/5, 7/9 to 11/6
      Opening hours from 8: 30 to 16: 30
      ※Changed according to the season
    • DYNALAND, Lily Park

      In the park is a beautiful lily paradise in which 3.6 million wheels of lilies bloom.Stroll with pets OK! "Lily Festival" will be held from July 16th to August 14th.

      TEL 0575-72-6636
      Opening period 7 / 9-8 / 28
      Opening hours Weekdays from 9:00 to 17:00
      Saturday·Sunday·Holidays, 8: 30 to 17: 00
    • Hirugano Arboretum

      Hirugano Arboretum is a park that maintains the wetlands that leave the most untouched nature.People's rest areas such as ponds and grass are in place on part of the site with an area of ​​2.2h.


      Opening period
      Late April - early October(No regular holiday)
      ※In case of change

      Opening hours 9: 00-16: 30
    • Hirugano watershed park

      Hirugano Arboretum adjacent to the Hirugano Arboretum, watershed park, which is surrounded by beautiful white birch forest.A stone monument carved largely with a bifurcation is mark.The destination flowing from the pond in this park will flow from one Shogawa River to the Sea of ​​Japan and the other through the Nagara River to the Pacific Ocean.
  • Falls feature

    • Amida Falls

      Amida Falls is about 60 meters in height, and it is a famous waterfall that is also selected as Top 50 Famous Water of Gifu Prefecture Japan's Top 100 Waterfalls Top 50 Famous Water of Gifu Prefecture Japan's Top 100 Waterfalls and Top 50 Famous Water of Gifu Prefecture.
      Astronomy It is said that this name was attached because the figure of Amitabha Nyorai emerged while a monk of Choruji Temple the cave was training.
    • Komagataki Falls

      It is a small waterfall with a falling 15 m, but you can see the iced waterfall in winter.
    • Meoto Waterfall

      Waterfall in the most upstream part of the Nagara River, where two large and small flows fall together closely.
      According to legend, it is said that Daisuke Yasumi made waterfall at this waterfall during the exploration of Hakusan opening.
  • One-day hot springs·Open Air Bath

    • A day trip hot spring can be used at the hotel.

      A day trip hot spring, you can use.

      A day trip hot spring can be used at the hotel.Please use after a slide.

      【Opening Hours】 16: 30-23: 00

      Adult 1,000 yen(tax included)
      Child 500 yen(tax included)
    • Hot Springs·Bokka no Sato

      The elegant natural hot spring "Bokka no Sato" in the forest is full of facility as a hot spring resort, such as Rose-yu and open-air bath with rose petals floating.

      【TEL】 0575-73-2088

      【Opening Hours】 11:00 to 21:00
      (Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, summer vacation period from 10: 00)

      【closing day】
      5 · 6 · 9 · October 3rd Thursday
      4 · 11 · December every week closed on Thursday
      (However, it is not open in 1, 2, 3, 7, August)

      Adult(s)(Middle school student) 800 yen
      children(Elementary school student over 4 years old) 400 yen