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  • Goto Travel Campaign【Currently stopped! 】

    What is "Go To Travel Campaign"?
    This is a campaign carried out by the government to revitalize the region and stimulate demand as an economic measure for the new coronavirus disease.

    ◆Travel price discount + regional coupon◆
    For example, if you apply for a one-night, two-day trip with accommodation of 20,000 yen per person, the payment will be 13,000 yen.
    Of the 10,000 yen benefit, 7,000 yen will be discounted for travel and 3,000 yen will be given as a regional coupon.
    There is no limit on the number of consecutive nights and usage.
    *The maximum amount of benefits is 20,000 yen per person per night.

    ◆What is a regional coupon?(From October 1st)◆
    Regional common coupons are coupons that can be used only during the travel period in the destination prefecture and neighboring prefectures.
    It is issued in units of 1,000 yen per coupon and will be available at regional common coupon member stores.
    【Regional common coupon member stores:Souvenir shops, restaurants, tourist facilities, activities, transportation, etc.】You can also enhance your hotel stay by utilizing it at the restaurant in the hotel and the facilities in this facility! Use it for meals and drinks at the hotel, hands-on activities, and souvenir purchases.

    <"Reservation flow"

    ●Customers who make reservations from the official website

    plan name "GoTo Travel campaign discount subject" that there is a notation plan is targeted at the official website.

    ※For reservations via the official website, you must separately apply for a discount application on the coupon acquisition site "STAY NAVI".

    ① Please register as a member at STAY NAVI to obtain coupons
    ② After registering as a member, click "Issue GOTO Travel Coupon" from My Page
     Enter the details to issue a coupon.
    ·Please present your coupon number at check-in.We recommend that you print the coupon or take a photo on your smartphone.
      ※Please note that just making a reservation does not apply to the discount.
      ※Please present the coupon obtained with STAYNAVI to the front desk upon check-in.
       Due to this, the amount to be settled is the amount after deduction of the subsidy.

    ★For the reservations by phone

    Book by phone
    ◆Please be sure to mention that you are using the Go to Travel Campaign.

    Presented by the hotel on the day
    Sign "Go To Travel Discount Application Confirmation"
    Presentation of proof of identity (license, insurance, etc.)
    Due to this, the amount to be settled is the amount after deduction of the subsidy.